Wind/Hydraulic Area

SYDIS has a proven experience in the development of wind and hydraulic projects from the design and processing phase to the management and operation. 

SYDIS integrate vertically the tasks from the promotion to the management and operation of parks for which it has a highly qualified human team that allows it to carry out the set of technical-administrative tasks necessary to transform a site identified as having high wind/hydraulic potential in an energy project able to produce and sell electricity.

SYDIS is a leader in the management tasks with the competent administrations in each region or country, the owners of the affected lands by the project and the electricity companies with which the connection of each wind farm is established. 

Additionally, SYDIS promotes wind and hydraulic projects for its subsequent sale to third parties and it carries out asset purchase and sale transactions among its different clients. 

CONSTRUCTION BOP (Balance of Plant) 

SYDIS offers construction services in renewable energy with global experience. The company offers complete services EPC, integral solutions for the achievement of a complete BoP, being near to the client along the entire value chain in order to achieve a successful project. 

SYDIS is involved in the project from its early phases, developing the basic and detailed engineering with its associated infrastructures of park as well as substation, it creates the implementation plans and execution of work, and already in the construction phase, it takes charge of civil and electrical works in substations and high voltage lines. 


Throughout almost a decade of history, SYDIS has demonstrated its capacity to execute all the necessary civil works for the complete construction of a wind farm (roads, platforms, foundations, trenches of medium voltage network and substations) as well as hydroelectric power stations. The technical office of SYDIS provides the highest quality standards and H&S to ensure the correct execution and compliance with delivery times.  


SYDIS has extended experience in the disassembly of turbines as well as in the assembly of new and reconditioned units. For that purpose, it has a wide team of professionals as well as tool and specified tools to carry out the integral process associated with this type of tasks. 

SYDIS carries out this kind of work at a national and international level, being especially present in Holland and Germany. 


SYDIS offers the integral service of cranes for wind projects adapting to the demands of the wind turbines in height and weight taking into account the execution times of the projects to try to maximize the performance. Extensive experience supports SYDIS in the use of chain and telescopic cranes from 40 tons to 750 tons.  


SYDIS offers road and sea transport service of components. For that purpose, it cooperates with top-level companies, which are capable of adapting to the difficulties and tremendous challenges involved in transporting this type of components. 


SYDIS has extended experience in the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric power plants. SYDIS offers its customers maintenance of conservation, corrective, preventive, predictive and updating in order to increase the useful life of the plants maximizing the profitability of our customers. 


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