Photovoltaic Area


SYDIS has carried out a large number of photovoltaic self-consumption projects in various sectors which allows it to offer its clients the best solution from a legal/administrative point of view as well as optimizing investments to get maximum profitability. 

Connected to the grid

SYDIS has more than seven years of experience in the development of photovoltaic solar installations connected to the grid. From the development phase to the commissioning of the installations, SYDIS offers integral solutions, for which it has the supply agreements with the main suppliers that meet the most important quality standards.  

Isolated from the grid

SYDIS has extended experience in the design, execution and operation of electric power plants that are isolated from the grid.

SYDIS is a leader in the execution of this type of electricity production installations in isolated areas of the distribution network. The following are the main areas of activity: 

  • Vine irrigation 

  • Chicken farms

  • Rabbit farms

  • Pig farms

  • Mushroom crops

  • Communities of owners

  • Rural hotels

  • Rural houses

  • Mushroom crops 

  • Individual houses

  • Agricultural buildings

Solar pumping 

SYDIS dedicates its activity to the projection, installation and maintenance of solar installations for pumping water in vineyards, almonds, pistachio and any type of crop. 

From the design, through the assembly and the commissioning, our staff always controls the correct execution and operation of the installation. 


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