Multidisciplinary engineering team


Solutions and Developments of Engineering
and Services

It is an enterprise focus on providing a complete service in the field of construction, installations, engineering and, particularly, in everything related to the energy sector. That service vocation has turned out to raise a highly qualified work team which is instructed on wide and functional installations, technologies and advances ways to offer our customers the service required according to the necessities of each project’s solution.

Business projection of SYDIS is oriented toward the application of engineering to design, construction and project exploitation in those technological fields where it is necessary to find energy models that contribute to the welfare of human and the sustainability of society. 

With that aim and in order to achieve a leading position of its products in the markets in which it operates, its activity is based on a continuous improvement of the services, products and projects offered to its customers, the promotion of innovation and the commitment to competitiveness, efficiency and the quality in the development of each its projects.


SYDIS is constituted by a group of enterprises dedicated to the management of own assets. It currently manages and operates 37,72MW of power from renewable sources in the wind, solar and hydraulic sectors. 

SYDIS works with the main national and international financial institutions, using the most rigorous processes and management control and reporting systems. 

SYDIS integral solutions allow maximizing ROI (Return of Investment) and extend the useful life of assets.


Our purpose



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