SYDIS offers engineering services to its customers from the point of view of the design as well as consulting, installation and execution of construction in the electrical area, energy projects, industrial and agricultural constructions, air conditioning and activity. 

SYDIS is specialized in the energy sector in which it offers the following products:

  • Evaluation of the wind/solar resource.

  • Evaluation of the potential biomass resource.

  • Evaluation of the potential hydraulic resource.

  • Viability analysis and business plan design.

  • Efficiency evaluation according to each technology.

  • Optimal site selection.

  • Management with the electric company and the different organisms for authoritation of the installations.

  • Design of wind farms and photovoltaic solar. 

  • Design of hydraulic power stations

  • Processing/legalization of installations. 

  • Verification of sound emissions.

  • Environmental impact studies.

  • Archaeological studies.

  • Topographic survey. 

  • Geotechnical studies.

  • Study of climate change and landscape.

  • Bird studies.

  • Supervision of engineering and construction. 

  • Technical and commercial consultancy on energy sales contracts.  

SYDIS also offers the engineering services in the following sectors: 

  • Air conditioning.

  • Industrial and agricultural buildings. 

  • Structures in general. 

  • Electricity: low and medium voltage.

  • Transformation centers and substations. 

  • Chicken farms.

  • Mushrooms storehouse. 

  • Installations in buildings. 

  • Gas installations. 

  • Plumbing and water installations

  • Public lighting. 

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