SYDIS offers comprehensive services in high and low voltage, overhead and underground networks, always thinking about maximizing the investment of our customers, with trained employees in technical, administrative, quality, technical and financial assistance, tools and specialised work equipment. 

The areas of activity focus on:

  • Electrical installations of high and low voltage. 

  • Public lighting. 

  • Electrical installations in individual or collective houses.

  • Electrical installations in industrial buildings. 

  • Electrical installations in commercial premises.

  • Electrical installations in public organizations. 

  • Electromechanical assemblies.

  • Air conditioning

  • Industrial processes

SYDIS is especially present in the following sectors:

  • Air conditioning of chicken farms.

  • Air conditioning of rabbit farms.

  • Wineries.

  • Commercial premises.

  • Mushroom crops.

  • Houses.

  • Industrial buildings.

  • Hotels.

  • Restaurants.


SYDIS take charge of the design, installation, maintenance and legalization of all kinds of installations of air conditioning like barrel storehouse, farms, premises and hotels. 

Our staff is composed of the most qualified professionals: highly qualified engineers, technicians and installers. 

The areas of activity focus on:

  • Humidification systems.

  • Ventilation systems.

  • Climate computers.

  • Industrial and domestic air conditioning. 

  • Regulation and control systems.

  • Air treatment units.

  • Cold chambers.

  • Enthalpic recuperators.

  • Air curtains.

  • Pipe installation.

  • Extraction systems.

  • Radiating floor. 


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